February 2016
TOS Newsletter
SPEAKERS                updated
Jan.   Brenda Daigle
Feb   Ashley Matherne
March -
April --
May --Robbie McMeel
June   Robbie McMeel
July -  Karen Breaux
Aug. -  Open
Sept.  -Open
Oct. -  Open
Nov.   -Open
Dec. -  Social
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The picture here is the
TOS exhibit in the
New Orleans Orchid
Show 2012

  .Our next monthly meeting will be at the
Terrebonne Parish Main Library at 7:00 p.m.,
in September , 2016.
 We will have a sharing knowledge program
provided by?
   Refreshments will be provided

  The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. by President Billy Guidroz, with 10
members and 1 guest present. Minutes accepted with corrections, motion made by
Sandy and Becky seconded the motion. Motion passed.
Vice-President Robbie McMeel – Guest Speaker for April 21, 2016 meeting will be
Tom Kuligowski, His Subject will be on Angracums. Guest for the October 20, 2016
meeting will be Arthur Chadwick, no subject at this time.
Treasurer Beverly Matherne gave the Treasurer’s report. Balance was given.
Beverly announced the Society dues are due at this time ($15.00 per member).
                                                     Old Business
   Kaken – Show Chairman. As of now, our show has been approved for March 11-13, 2016. The
Mall has also approved the dates. Karen will also contact SWROGA and have the show put on
their calendar. The show is on the AOS calendar. Committee will be as follows:   Monica-
photography, Brenda (Sandy will cover registration if something comes up and Brenda is unable)
registration, Sandy/Linda hospitality, John head clerk, Karen will do the show schedule, Beverly
trophies, Karen will do staging layout; Billy and Robbie will tape and run electrical cords, outside
signs wooden signs and little signs; need repainting and to be stenciled with the date, finding places
to put them and quickly taking them down after the show. Remember to ask permission before
placing. Exhibit chair Sandy and Linda; please email Sandy with ideas for a theme, Friday after
hours while the show is going on 6-9pm-Billy.  We also can get some small signs made; we will talk
about it in January. Robbie will take care of the wooden signs; he will repaint, put out, and pick up.
Publicity is open (Wanda ?).

                                      New Business

        Diamond Jubilee Award was awarded to Sandy during our Christmas Event on December 19,
2015. Thanks to Robbie and Becky Mabel for their hospitality and for the use of their home.
Sandy discussed the exhibit set-up for our upcoming show. The theme for the show will be
“Galaxy of Orchids”.
Planned refreshments will be Hotdogs and Chili on Friday, Doughnuts/Breakfast on Saturday
morning and ‘Pot-Luck’ lunch on Saturday. A sign-up sheet was passed around for the ‘Pot-Luck’
Robbie said he will have the plywood sign cleaned and repainted with yellow background and gold
A sheet was passed around for the show awards. Donation is $20.00 per trophy.
There was no Sharing Knowledge Program at meeting.
The meeting broke for refreshments furnished by Rose, the raffle and viewer’s choice was
                                                          Viewer's Choice

1st –Rsc. Akiko Sato ‘Volcano Queen’grown by Robbie
2nd –Liparis Longipes ‘viridiflora’ grown by Billy
3rd – Mtssa Shelobe grown by Sandy
3rd – Den. Candy Cane (Aussie Green x Penang Stripe grown by Beverly

                                                                Plant Raffle

Den. Genting Royal won by Monica
                                                                            Up Coming Shows and Events

January 29–31, 2016                Gulf Coast Orchid Society Show – Gautier, MS. - Cassie/Set-Up
March 11–13, 2016                Terrebonne Orchid Society Show – Houma, LA. – Karen/Show
April 21, 2016                            Guest Speaker, Tom Kuligowski, Covered Dish: Subject –
May 9-10, 2016                         SWROGA Spring Show & Meeting in Oklahoma City, OK
October 20, 2016                Guest Speaker, Arthur Chadwick, Covered Dish: Subject - ?
Jan.  Wanda Gaidry and Brenda Daigle
Feb.  Billy and Rose Guidroz
March- Monica Walters
April-  Dot Wu, Mary Claire Wolfe & Helen Hebert
May 13 - Janice
June 10 -Billy & Rose GUidroz
July 8 - Robbie & Becky
Aug 12- Dot Wu
Sept -Beverly Matherne
Oct 14- Mary Claire Wolfe
Nov 11 - Karen & Jerry Breaux
Dec -  Social
Information coming soon for our

Show & Plant Sale

Southland Mall

ot until 2018